Is Sojourner actually tuition free? 


Yes. Students attend the classes at no cost, but will serve at Teen Missions Retreat Center to help cover the cost of their education. They raise support for their summer mission trips.

How does room and board work at Sojourner? 


Sojourner Students receive free room and board while attending Sojourner School of Ministry. Students do not have to pay for food or housing. Food is provided in our cafeteria. Housing is provided in our recently remodeled student center.

How is Sojourner connected to Teen Missions? 


Sojourner School of Ministry is a program of Teen Missions International.

Do I have to complete all three years of school? 


Sojourner is a three-year-long program—two years of classroom instruction in Florida, and a year internship serving overseas or in Florida. Students, at the beginning of their schooling, make a commitment to complete the three-year program.

Is Sojourner School of Ministry Accredited?


No, Sojourner is not accredited. However, for those looking to go into full-time ministry, most organizations will accept our students' diplomas readily. Some past students have been able to transfer our classes to other select accredited Bible colleges.

How am I supposed to raise the funds for summer mission trips and internships? 


Every summer, hundreds of teens and adults raise support for mission trips. We suggest prayerfully reaching out to your church, family, and friends to ask if they will partner with you. Ultimately, support for mission work comes from God, not people and all of us trust Him in this area of our lives.

What does a normal day look like as a student? 


Students attend classes in the morning every weekday. Students also have a secured time each morning for their devotions. Students work in the afternoons, serving alongside our full-time missionaries in various departments. In the evenings, students have free time and do homework.